Is Dental Sedation Right for Me?

Conquer Your Fear Of The Dentist In Sacramento CA

dental sedation dentist Sacramento CA to overcome fear of the dentist Fair Oaks
Dental sedation can improve anyone’s dental experience, but it is an especially great option for patients who experience dental anxiety or have a fear of the dentist. Around 15% of Americans admit to having some level of dental anxiety that makes it difficult for them to get into the office for treatment. Dental anxiety can cause serious health issues, because patients who avoid the dentist are unable to receive the care they need to keep their smiles strong and healthy.

Dental sedation is also beneficial to patients who need of several procedures performed, or a longer, more complicated single procedure. With dental sedation at Ardent Dental Care, our Sacramento – Fair Oaks area patients achieve a state of relaxation that makes it easier for their dentist to get more work done in less time. You will be able to handle extended time in the office because you will be completely relaxed throughout the process, and our dentist will be able to perform your procedures more efficiently.

Dental sedation may be right for you if:

  • Thoughts of the dentist cause you stress
  • You need dental treatment but cannot bring yourself to get it done due to fear of the dentist
  • The idea of going to the dentist causes you dental anxiety
  • People tell you that you act strangely at the dentist or or nervous while you’re discussing a potential appointment
  • You are in need of a long procedure or several procedures and want to get them done quickly
  • Your mouth does not always easily become numb
  • You gag easily
  • You have particularly sensitive teeth

I was always terrified to go to the dentist, at Arden Dental they wiped away all of my fears. They did an excellent job in making me feel so comfortable, I will never go anywhere else now.Janet W.

Whether your dental anxiety is mild, or you have a more serious fear of the dentist, it is important for everyone to see their dentist regularly. Giving your dentist the opportunity to find oral health problems early on will prevent more serious problems later.

You can avoid more intensive dental work in the future if you visit your dentist regularly. Keep your mouth healthy and your appearance intact by visiting the dentist frequently.

If you want a more tranquil and enjoyable experience at the dentist, dental sedation may be right for you. Contact us at Arden Dental Care in Sacramento today to set up an appointment. We work with patients from all over the area, from Fair Oaks to Carmichael CA, so don’t wait any longer!