Sedation Dentistry FAQs

Common Questions About Dental Sedation In Sacramento

If you think you might benefit from a more relaxing dental experience, here are some questions that you may want answered about dental sedation.

  1. What is dental phobia?

    Dental phobia is a more intense form of dental anxiety that can cause the sufferer endless dental and overall health issues. Those who truly experience dental phobia have a difficult time visiting the dentist because it causes an overwhelming amount of fear and anxiety. Those with dental phobia should be introduced to anxiety-free dentistry, or sedation dentistry. Conscious sedation really can make a visit to the dentist an easy, comfortable, and stress-free experience.

  2. Is dental sedation safe?

    When dental sedation is administered by individuals who are qualified, conscious sedation is considered extremely safe. CRNAS, anesthesiologists, and some dentists are qualified to administer dental sedation. Dr. Poornima Talluri is one of those dentists. Dr. Talluri is a certified sedation dentist with DOCS. We will also monitor you closely while you are sedated.

  3. What are the side effects of sedation dentistry?

    Patients who undergo dental sedation may experience some forgetfulness, amnesia, and confusion after the appointment. Most people will likely not remember the details of their time in the dentist’s office. Rarely, other side effects may occur, including headache or nausea.

  4. Will I feel pain?

    Most patients feel absolutely no discomfort throughout their visit. They often comment that they feel great after an appointment.

  5. Will I be completely relaxed during dental sedation?

    Although you will be awake, you will be relaxed as if you were asleep. Your body and mind can rest fully while your dentist improves your health.

  6. What will happen to my concept of time during dental sedation?

    Our patients usually are unable to maintain any concept of time while they are sedated. By the time the sedation wears off, it feels like only a few moments have passed, as if they have been asleep.

  7. Which procedures can be performed while I am sedated?

    Most procedures can be performed while you are sedated. Dental sedation is used to eliminate any level of anxiety that our patients feel so that we can improve their health and get them the results that they are looking for.

Come find out if dental sedation is the answer to your worries and questions about dentistry. Let Dr. Talluri and our staff treat you with personalized care, and provide you with a relaxing sedation dentistry experience. Give us a call at Ardent Dental Care today!